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… You may have noticed that I am a bit behind with my blog – the last post is from Argentina whereas in real-time I have already been in Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and half way through Chile…

Well, it is hard to find the time (and often even an Internet Café) while travelling, enjoying the stunning countryside, riding pretty technical trails, socialising with the locals and having the time of my life.

At least I try to keep The Route up-to-date with a brief summary of the day every evening and also strive to complete the Photo Galleries on a daily basis – or whenever I find a local internet connection with sufficient upload capacity.

I hope you forgive me – I also keep a detailed journal and will write a proper ride report on Adventure Rider, UKGSer and Horizons Unlimited when I am back after Christmas.

Thank you for your patience and that you are still looking!

Ela x

Posted 31 October 2010 by Pumpy in Chile

2 responses to “Dear Reader…

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  1. Ela,
    Thanks for postng this. I hadn’t realised that you had been posting photos without words. Now I have lots to catch up on!

    Stay safe.

  2. Hi Ela,
    Tina and I were talking last weekend and wondering how our dirty sister was getting on!
    Keep enjoying yourself and remember to take care…
    Love and hugs,
    Sarah, Timpo and Hobbes! X

    Sarah Ratcliffe

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