Berlin – Heathrow – Buenos Aires   2 comments

Back in January I had got a fantastic deal from British Airways for a non-stop flight from Heathrow to Ezeiza, and thus Johannes, my dad, joined me from Berlin-Tegel on Sunday afternoon.

Über den Wolken…

London from the air

Meanwhile at Terminal 5, Heathrow…

Bye, Stevie baby, see you in 3 months’ time…

Our 777

After 13.5 hours our destination came into view

Río de la Plata between Uruguay and Argentina

Avenida de los Lagos in Nordelta, BsAs

Misty, enchanted landscape…

At Ezeiza

For some reason we couldn’t get any cash from the ATMs at the airport, so we decided to walk the four kilometres from the bus terminal to our hotel.

Johannes on the Plaza de Mayo – the presidential office ‘La Casa Rosada’ (the Pink House) in the background

Memorial of the Falklands/Malvinas Conflict

The Cabildo Buenos Aires – the former city council, today a museum of the May revolution in 1810

Waiting for our friend John in front of our hostel in San Telmo

With John in the Gibraltar, a pub as British as it can be in the historical centre of Buenos Aires

Another of the famous citizens of the Capital Federal – Mafalda

Dinner at ‘La Poesía’….

… where you can get the best ‘Picada’ in town

… and we were joined by John’s better half Cristina

An amazing city, delicious food and great company – and tomorrow we will explore even more of Buenos Aires!

Posted 3 September 2014 by Pumpy in Argentina, The 2014 Rucksack Trip

2 responses to “Berlin – Heathrow – Buenos Aires

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  1. Yay! You made it! We’ve now started putting your location on the board behind me, until someone buys a map…. maybe 🙂
    Safe Travels!

    • Hi Sheila, that’s great – I’ll try to keep the blog up-to-date but may be a bit behind as we’re so very busy enjoying ourselves. 🙂 Just print out a Google map of South America on A3; black & white, of course, to keep the expense and environmental impact down. Thinking of all of you, take care!

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