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Sunday 21 and Monday 22 September 2014

Between La Paz and Copacabana, the main town on the Bolivian shore of Lake Titicaca, lies the Strait of Tiquina, which still has to be crossed by boat.


… and passengers

You could ask why haven’t they built a bridge yet but first, this would be a huge investment for the poorest country in South America, and secondly, this type of transport provides the locals with jobs and travellers with an exciting experience. Long may it continue.

We stay two days in Copacabana to make a boat trip on the legendary lake.

Room with a view

Isla de la Luna – Island of the Moon

Home to one of the oldest Inka structures – the temple of the virgins of the sun, where the selected young women were raised and educated before being sacrificed on the Isla del Sol

Replica of a traditional reed boat

Yumani on the Island of the Sun


The Basilica

On the main square

Spot the town’s only mailbox…

Weekly gas supply

… and a last panorama shot

Tomorrow we will enter Peru, stay one night in Puno and then continue to Cusco and Machu Picchu.

All photos of Lake Titicaca and Copacabana here.

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