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Sunday 5th October 2014

If you are ever going to visit this amazing country, try to arrive during the week – Chile is closed on Sundays.

Originally we had planned to organise a hire car today, visit the Museo de San Miguel de Azapa to see the oldest mummies in the world and then carry on to the Lauca National Park.

Nice idea, but like almost all other shops and businesses, the rental services in Arica are closed and so we have to postpone our schedule for 24 hours. Never mind, we always strive to make the best of a situation and so we will explore Arica today.

Finally being on the Pacific coast, our first walk is to the beach.

The Morro de Arica in the background

We find a lot of dead animals in one particular part of the bay…

… and surfers in another

Arica is an important port for a large inland region of South America. The city serves a free port for Bolivia and manages a substantial part of that country’s trade.

Around midday the sea mist clears

Precaution in case of Tsunamis

… a side-effect of the frequent earthquakes

Fortunately for us, the bus terminal is open and we can organise our onward travel to Antofagasta – and enjoy some icecream and leche con café.

The cathedral – designed by Gustave Eiffel and built in the 1870s

On the Plaza Colón

Start point of the climb onto the Morro de Arica

First viewing platform

Chilean Navy Building

It’s quite a steep ascent…

… but the views are worth the effort

We are not the only ones enjoying the sun…

On the way down

De gustibus non est disputandum…

While strolling through the pedestrian zone…

… we find an open supermarket where we buy provisions for our excursion to the Lauca National Park, which will hopefully materialise the next day – pending a suitable car rental service. In one of the aisles we find a most surprising item:

We take this as a happy omen…

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