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For all of you who know John ‘The Bede’ Tremayne it won’t come as a surprise that one of his many qualities is also being a fabulous tour guide who is more than happy to share his wealth of local knowledge.    

After helping me sorting out the insurance for the DRZ, we went to the major monuments of Buenos Aires.    

Plaza de Mayo - the heart of the city


 La Casa Rosada (The Pink House) which is the presidential palace in Buenos Aires.    

La Casa Rosada

And here is John doing his best Evita impression – in front of the balcony where former First Lady Eva Peron once sang Andrew Lloyd Webber’s greatest hits…    


Don't cry for me, Argentina...


Due to the many protests and demonstrations in the capital, the water cannon is a permanent sight at the Plaza as well.    

Common views at the Plaza


View to the Avenida de Mayo


 After a long ‘stroll’ through the inner city while filling my head to the brim with insider information, John finally showed mercy and took care of removing the vacuum in my belly, too.    

Pizza & Pasta in San Telmo


The rest of the day continued with satisfying the rather substantial needs of the human being – catching up on sleep in the hotel for a few hours and then savouring the culinary delights of the city.    

A Picada pleases everyone's taste



The next morning we already met at 8 o’clock to free my bike from Customs at the airport. Taking the Subte (Subterráneo – underground) was an experience in itself: now I have an idea how the sardines feel in their can… The train spit us out at the upper end of the Calle Florida where the sun shines brighter on the rich and beautiful.    

Calle Florida


At Ezeiza International Airport we had quite a few procedures to follow before I was allowed to see my baby again: Applying for a visitor pass, finding the office of the airline to pay the airway bill, being let into the Customs area, starting the transaction in office 2, paying several fees in office 1, proceeding to office 3, back to office 2, etc, etc. John has actually posted an excellent write-up of the process on which I would warmly recommend to read if you ever want to ship your bike to South America – now updated with the 2010 figures.    

However, the officials were warming up constantly, showed interest in my trip and treated us with great friendliness. Finally we were allowed in the sacred customs grounds.    

It's a bit like Christmas...


The following pictures are all shamelessly nicked from John, as I was too busy packing and getting the bike ready.    

Getting the bike ready


Off we go!


Oops, not quite...


Now there is a happy bunny

On the way from the airport to the hotel I had noticed that the bike was leaking fuel; probably down to the new fuel filter we had fitted and which was not quite the right size. So it was already time for the first roadside repair.     

The first road side repair


Fortunately, Possu had given me some slightly bigger filters as spares at the last minute and a short while later I had fixed the leak with my bare hands.    

New fuel filter fitted


That evening John introduced me to two of his best friends who run a pub which is currently closed by the magistrate for some updating and refurbishing. We had a great time at their etablissement but for obvious reasons, I can’t provide the photographic evidence… 😉    

Thank you for all your help, John! Getting everything sorted would have been a lot more complicated without you. I think I owe him a few drinks – but he wouldn’t let me pay…    

The next day would take me to Sandra and Javier of Dakar Motos fame – but little did I know that the road to the district of Vicente López was a rather rocky one…    

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  1. I’m surprised that Possu’s shoddy workmanship lasted even the few kiiometres it did before failing 😉 Do you have chance to get the bike looked over by a proper mechanic before setting off?

    By the way, I zoomed right in on your latest SPOT position but I couldn’t see you – are you sure it’s working?

    Enjoying your updates immensely and prepping our bikes for a weekend in Rhayader. Looking forward to the next instalment,


  2. good ole John xxx
    greatr pictures Ela.
    Ride safe

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