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You might have noticed that I am a bit behind with my blog. Internet Cafés are not as frequent over here as I thought and when I find one, the connection is not always the fastest. So while I try to provide write-ups as quickly as possible, please have a look at the page ‘The Route’ for the latest updates on where I currently am. There is also a link to my Findmespot site (courtesy of the generosity of ChrisJK).

Also, every time I get the opportunity, I upload my photos onto Possu’s and my joint Smugmug account – the links can be found on the ‘Photo Galleries’ page.

So please bear with me while I’m busy having the time of my life… 😉 The people are just fantastic everywhere – very interested in my trip, always friendly and helpful, absolutely wonderful. The countryside is impressive as well and getting better every day.

More to come when I find the next Internet Café.

Posted 26 August 2010 by Pumpy in Argentina

2 responses to “Editor’s Note

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  1. Glad it going so well, sounds like you are having a great time. I have posted your link in the newsletter so the group can follow your adventure.
    Best wishes Bill.

    Bill Mc TRF Oxford
  2. You have the time of your life ,whilst we have monsson season in the UK.

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