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Tuesday 16 September 2014

If you were ever wondering how to pronounce the Bolivian city of Potosí, I can recommend spending half an hour at the bus terminal in Uyuni and listening to the travel agents trying to fill their coaches. The vociferous calls “¡Potosí, Potosí! – this bus leaves immediately for Potosí!” will haunt us for the rest of the trip.

Some pictures from the now paved road, which was one of the worst ripio tracks back in 2010. The 204-kilometre journey only takes us three and a half hours this time.

The railway!

Our destination in the distance

¡Bienvenidos a Potosí!

Potosí lies at 4,090 metres above sea level and is the highest place where we will stay overnight.

Not sure whose idea it was but although you should avoid physical exertion at altitude if you are not used to it, we decide to walk the 2.4 kilometres from the bus terminal into the city centre. Of course, it’s uphill all the way…

Next time we take a Micro, ok, dad?

Our chosen hotel has changed ownership, name and room standards, but we find accommodation in the Hostal Felimar, where we are offered the suite on the top floor.

We even have a balcony!

La Catedral – from behind

The main square is closed for refurbishment

El Cerro Rico, the rich mountain, whose silver ore was the reason for Potosí’s former wealth and historical importance

The City Council – illuminated in the Bolivian national colours

In a local fast food restaurant we discover a new favourite…

Pique Macho – with beef, chicken, sausage, goat’s cheese, eggs, onions, tomatoes, chillies and chips

Cerro Rico and Potosí by night – from our own balcony…

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