Sucre – La Ciudad Blanca   1 comment

Wednesday 17 to Friday 19 September 2014

After a frugal breakfast…

… we enjoy a hair-raising journey by micro…

to Potosí’s new bus terminal…

… from where we take a bus to Sucre

Impressions from the road –

The 158-kilometre journey along the well-paved Ruta 5 takes just over three hours. As always when we arrive somewhere, the first thing we do is organise our onward journey – here in Sucre we find a very helpful overview of all connections available:

Sucre is the constitutional and official capital of Bolivia, while La Paz is the seat of the government – which is still a sensitive subject between the cities and causing confusion in the rest of the world. Due to its well-preserved colonial buildings and structures painted in white, Sucre is also called La Ciudad Blanca – the white city – and has been declared a Unesco World Heritage site in 1991.

When I came here in 2010, I found Sucre beautiful, vibrant, with a pleasant climate at 2,810 metres altitude, full of friendly people, lovely parks, colourful markets and lots of interesting corners. All this I’m eager to show Johannes as well.

We find accommodation in the Grand Hotel where I’ve stayed before and are offered a suite again –

Some times it pays off to travel with your dad…

A great view is included

We are just a few metres from the Plaza 25 de Mayo – the main square

The cathedral in the background

Street-sweeping Bolivian style

Palacio del Gobierno Autónomo Departamental de Chuquisaca – previously the seat of the national government before it was moved to La Paz

San Felipe Neri

On the first evening we have a deluxe version of Pique Macho, this time with beef, pork, chicken and chorizo, home-made salsa, the best chips in town and a fresh salad

Our second day in Sucre is mainly dedicated to resting and the more mundane traveller chores: laundry, sewing, posting, writing postcards etc…

We start with an excellent breakfast

I need a haircut

Then we browse the huge Mercado Central for bits and bobs

You can get the most amazing fruit juices – freshly made to order

Bolivian honey jars – we think there’s room for improvement in the marketing and presentation departments…

The Zebra Brigade – making road crossings safer and life in the community better

There are strong relationships between Bolivia and Germany

Here we build a culture of peace

… this also involves culinary interchange

In the ‘Kultur Café Berlin’ we enjoy Apfelstrudel with vanilla sauce

The mighty micro, the main means of transport in Bolivian towns

We are still so full-up from our Apfelstrudel escapade that we skip dinner that day – so no further mouth-watering Pique Macho photos for you, sorry.

On Friday we have booked an overnight bus to La Paz that doesn’t leave until 19.00 hrs; so we still have some time to enjoy Sucre. And there is hardly a better place than the ‘Plaza Restaurant’, formerly known as ‘Los Balcones’.


A last stroll through the beautiful park on the Plaza

Then we board the micro to the bus terminal

Adiós, Sucre, hasta la próxima vez – we hope we’ll see you again at some point in the future.

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  1. Its looking like a great adventure from where I am sitting. I will send someone over to advise on Honey marketing, when we are not so busy obviously! Mind you watch your calories with all these meals….

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