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Tuesday 30 September 2014

The Hotel Paredones Inn has a beautiful roof terrace where an excellent breakfast is served.

Great views included – Plaza Mayor

Cerro Blanco – the White Mountain, the highest sand dune in the world

Protesters making their point


At ten o’clock Julio, our official tour guide, picks us up from the hotel and we’re heading north on the Pan American Highway.

Strange to see a dead-straight road for a change…

We stop at the Mirador that was erected for the education of the public and sponsored by the scientist Dr Maria Reiche, who spent over 40 years of her life studying the Nasca Lines, discovering over 50 figures and around 1,000 lines in this period.

You probably know about the Nazca Lines but in case you need to refresh your memory, the Wikipedia article is a good start.

Julio explains the origins of the lines, tells us about the Nasca people and points out the figures you can see from the view tower

Las Manos – The Hands

El Arbol – The Tree

The Lagartija (Lizard) is cut through by the Panamericana Sur

Our tour bus…

We continue north to the museum into which Maria Reiche’s modest cottage has been converted.

This is where and how the scientist lived for more than 25 years – without electricity and running water

Dr Maria Reiche’s main tools and instruments – oh, and she used a step-ladder as well. Amazing.

Original photographs

Feel free to use the zoom button if you want to know more

On the way back to Nasca we stop at a natural viewpoint.

… from where you can spot more lines

360 degree view – you better click on the photo to see anything at all

The rest of the day we spend catching up with the blog – you may have noticed…

… although between posts Johannes allows me the occasional treat –

Another stroll through downtown Nasca

A visit to the Heladeria

And finally, one of the highlights of our stay in Nasca…

Brochetas Mixtas y Ensalada de mi Tierra at the restaurant Estación ‘Plaza Mayor’

For dessert we watch another of the daily campaigns

I bet most Peruvians will be glad when the elections are over…

At least we will be out of the country by the 5th of October if everything goes to plan.

Tomorrow we will try to get as far as possible towards Arequipa – by colectivo…

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