Nasca to Arequipa – A Patchwork Journey   Leave a comment

Wednesday 1st October 2014

All coaches from Nasca to Arequipa leave late in the day and drive through the night. That’s pretty inconsiderate to the tourists who want to see the beauty of Peru. So we decide to travel by colectivo and try to get as far as possible in daylight.

Leaving Nasca

Our first minivan to Chala


Driving in South America is often chaotic; we get the impression that signals, speed limits and solid lines are regarded as mere recommendations…

The Panamericana is straight…

… and the landscape rather arid

Woo hoo – the Pacific Ocean!

Risk of sand drifts – which can lead to road closures

After 170 kilometres we’re arriving at our first milestone Chala


Our second means of transport is a taxi to Atico, 90 kilometres further south.

To make his journey worthwhile, the driver crams four passengers into the back…

Sometimes it goes horribly wrong

It doesn’t get any greener…

The highway follows the shoreline

Safe in Atico!

Here we have to wait an hour for the next connection

We don’t get bored though – there is plenty to see


Our next shuttle is a 16-seater minibus, however, the ‘chofer’ manages to get 20 people in – sitting on stools and their own luggage…

After another 133 kilometres we reach Camaná, where we stay the night


Thursday 2nd October 2014

We have a nice room and a good breakfast in the Hotel San Diego

.. right on the main square of Camaná

Peruvian Police Patrol

Our last colectivo that should bring us to Arequipa, 176 kilometres further on

Johannes is impressed by the landscape – I think he didn’t believe me when I said that there would be nothing but sand for the next few weeks…

Ok, I may have exaggerated a bit

Here they grow vines for the famous Pisco

Arequipa’s house volcano Misti, 5,822 metres / 19,101 feet high

We’ve made it – 579 kilometres with four vehicles and all during daylight hours!

A taxi brings us to the Plaza de Armas


Then we walk to the Hostal ‘La Casa de Melgar’, a beautiful colonial building, which was recommended by friends and where we are given a fantastic room on the first floor.

With view of the Misti!

We explore the sights of the city centre

… and learn the differences between the South American camelids (zoom in if you want to know them as well)

The traffic baffles us every day anew

Each to their own…


The icing on the cake of a wonderful day is having dinner in a little restaurant above the rooftops of Arequipa.

Ponchos are provided against the chill

Lovely food…

… and great views


Buenas noches – we’ll stay another day in this amazing city to appreciate what it has to offer.

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